Norponin opti

Saponin plants extracted for
reducing ammonia emission

Norponin opti is a pre-mixture of Yucca schidigera extracts and blend of saponin containing plants which is used to reduce ammonia and order emissions in farms.

Norponin opti decrease the amount of ammonia in the feces thanks to specific saponins with a mechanism of ammonia binding and positive orientation of the gut flora.

The product can be used in feed or directly in the manure.

KUDOS Liquid

A biological product that acts as a catalyst and promote the organic waste degradation.

KUDOS Liquid containing selected strains; Bacillus subtilis, Specially enzyme; Protease, Lipase, Amylase and Cellulase, Nutrients and buffer.

It also facilitates the nutrient digestion and absorption in digestive tract efficiently, which due to better performance.

When the digestion and absorption of nutrients are effective, it results in reduced waste and odor from manure.

In addition, KUDOS also reduce ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and controlling the odor from manure in the farm.

Drycid bedding

Better water absorbent for better sanitation

Drycid bedding, the water absorbent which containing specific ingredients for controlling the pathogenic bacteria and odor emission.

In animal production industry, better sanitation of litter is the result in better performance and healthier of animals.

Because of specific ingredients, Drycid bedding is the effective substance to eliminate the moisture and odor problem in the farm.